This just in from a certain Jezebel, who is on her way to the gynecologist for a checkup: "They're filming the Sex and the City movie here on the corner of 70th and Lexington, the trucks and crew are everywhere, and I can't get to the door of my doctor's office - they won't let me cross the street! They're at some restaurant called Lumi, and all the chairs for the cast and crew are in pink." Hey hon, enjoy that pap smear! (For update click on tag)

Update: More to "report": Kristen Davis' character is wearing a fake pregnancy belly and she's shooting a scene with Chris Noth. Our Jezebel tells us that the craft services table is fully stocked: Flowers, lots of carbs ("every type of bread you can imagine"), mayonnaise ("it's out in the sun"); 8 different kinds of granola; pistachios; almonds; Special K (the cereal, not the drug, people); muffins, and fresh fruit. (We just had her steal an apple.)