The problem with the man who spent a week living like a woman? Total bullshit. Because what Tom Mitchelson actually did for his Daily Mail story was live as he imagined a woman might. Meaning: "I worried about cellulite, obsessed about finding the right partner and thought constantly about my biological clock." He called his mother every day, read his horoscope and browsed the chick-lit section of the bookstore. "Women, I am told, are more inclined to clean things than men," writes Mitchelson. Uh, tell it to my shower, dude. When he gets his makeup done at a department store counter, he spends the day wondering if people can tell he's wearing makeup. "A woman, of course, doesn't mind this being obvious," he claims. Other inaccurate sweeping generalizations include: beer is out; spritzers are in. "Westerns are gone (except Brokeback Mountain), to be replaced by romances. Soap and water are no more; cleanser, toner and moisturiser take their place."

The way women are reduced to preening primadonnas is exhausting, until Mitchelson gets his legs waxed — and stops short at the bikini line. Trumped by Benny The Tech Geek! In the end, Mitchel confesses, "I experienced none of the real pressures and tribulations that a woman faces every day." Duh. But he does offer, "It's always hard to be a woman. Especially if you're a man." We're not violent but we kind of feel like smacking this dude.

The Man Who Spent A Week Living Like A Woman [Daily Mail]
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