Here's an addendum to that class-action suit against God: the fact that "Models For Christ" is an actual thing and not a cruel joke made up by the producers of unscripted 2006 MTV reality show 8th & Ocean. Because there is something so Christlike about the idea of a prayer group exclusively for people in the most-attractive hundredth of a percent of the gene pool who get hideously overpaid to do coke all day selling unattainable standards of beauty to young consumers so they can vainly seek them in jeans and polo shirts made in Dickensian conditions by desperate migrants in Shenzhen shantytowns making the shittiest possible wages so that a bunch of rich white guys can get richer.

So anyway, as we were saying "Models For Christ" really is a thing that Britt, above, belonged to, and today the New York Observer checked in with the New York branch of the organization. Now their excuse for making a club only superhot people can belong to is that they have similar customs and rituals such as throwing up their food and being completely braindead from smoking crack.


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