You know what? I would not begrudge rich people if they weren't so fucking stupid. This guy collected a few million dollars from people who are probably too rich to feel particularly sorry for, and used it to get his despicable little cunt of a daughter's birthday on My Super Sweet 16, something the SEC is not happy about. I have never actually watched this show; are they all so hateful? Anyway, in this clip the daughter, Ariel, explains what so-called "oil" money can buy you: Gucci, Versace, Coach, a BMW, a helicopter to transport you to the birthday held on your farm because that makes so much sense, the sycophancy of all your classmates while cameras are present, a tailor for your fucking dog, and adamantly not looks. Watch the whole almost-bafflingly wrong thing here. Apparently some of Ariel's daddy's investors might be able to go after MTV for "aiding and abetting" his fraud, but we doubt that will happen because there is no God.

Daddy's Little Fraud [Portfolio]