We love bitching and moaning over the crap-ass content found in the major American women's magazines: The airbrushing; the crazy sex tips; the purple prose; the inherent dishonesty; the expensive shit. But were women's magazines always this bad? We procured copies of October issues of Cosmopolitan representing four different decades and three different editors: Helen Gurley Brown, Bonnie Fuller and the magazine's current editor, Kate White. Over the course of the next few days, we'll be comparing the three older issues with the current issue of the magazine, marveling at the differences/similarities in sex stories, dating tips, beauty advice and advertising. First up: A glance at the covers. After the jump, check out thirty years of come-hither looks and over-the-top cover lines on such topics as Barbara Walters and "blended" orgasms.

1977: Helen Gurley Brown anticipates the "cougar" trend... 30 years before Demi & Ashton.

1987: Giving birth: All it takes is a slinky, electric-blue gown and a lot of hair gel?

1997: The Bonnie Fuller Method on how to get a man to commit: Issue an ultimatum .

2007: Wondering if your gynecologist is silently judging you? She is.