30 Rock's Tina Fey Is An Intuitive, Acquisitive, Self-Deceiver

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Even though there was a Feyvelanche of Tina interviews when Baby Mama came out last month, did we really learn anything about her? Sure, her face was on the cover of Marie Claire, but the interview inside was a farce (example, "Amy Poehler: Is your name Karen Felcher? Tina Fey: Um, no, although I can see why you're confused, because that is my porn name."). We decided to sic graphologist Sheila Kurtz on Tina's handwritten American Express ad to analyze her penmanship and tell us about the real woman underneath all that sharply-perfected snark. Apparently, our Tina is sensitive to criticism, intuitive, analytical, practical, not impulsive and just a leeetle self-deceiving. A full analysis of Tina's psyche is after the jump.

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This is the exceptionally clean, crisp handwriting of a person who thinks matters through and then expresses herself brightly without impulsive emotions muddying up her judgments.

There are several prominent hooks at the beginning of letters. This writer wants to acquire things ~ not simply treasure but power, adoration, applause, even immortality. There are also many tenacity hooks at the end of letters. What this writer earns will not easily be taken away from her.

She is without excessive preconceptions and prejudices and the open loops in her "e"s indicate that she open-mindedly allows new ideas to engage her thinking processes.

The "m"s and "n"s are rounded and indicate a methodical and logical way of reaching conclusions. Method and logic can be slow work, but they don't slow this writer down because of her good intuition (signaled by unconnected spaces between letters within words). Intuition (sometimes called "gut" thinking) allows her thoughts to leap over the stepping stones of logic and arrive at trusted conclusions. Intuition speeds up thinking and allows slower-minded people to compete with the more naturally swift minded. The writer is also analytical (v-shaped) formations in "m"s and "n"s). She hunts and finds her own information and then pulls data together, examines and evaluates the ideas, and then makes up her own mind.

Her goals are in the middle-practical range (the t bars are crossed about midway on the t stem). She's not reaching for the moon. She goes for what she can get without stretching too much. Her drive is strong enough (assertive t bars) to get her through.

The "p" forms have bottom loops: She must be physically active and on the move. Enforced routine deskwork would soon send her to a loony bin.

The inflated "d" loops indicate sensitivity to criticism that's not constructive. She cares about what is thought and said about her, and malicious comments hurt her even when she may not let on.

The left-side loops in certain "a"s signal a slight case of self-deceit. She may not always be frank with herself and tends to rationalize away unpleasantness. Therefore, she may at times be less than frank with others.

Full lower loops on "y" forms signal a good imagination. However, she may stop short of making her dreams materialize in reality.

She will take the initiative and take action on her own without being told (breakaway strokes within words or at the end of certain words).

She is very good with details (closely dotted "i"s) and won't forget or neglect the small stuff.

The writer is relatively comfortable in crowds, but she enjoys her own company even better. This writer is the kind of person with whom intelligent people wish to become friends.

Yes, like us!

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@formergr: That is some crazy crap!

I had a boyfriend in High School (from another school) who had a dumbass "Psychology" teacher who spent several weeks on graphology. He had kids bring in notes from girlfriends and boyfriends so he could "analyze" them. I was like "You didn't take in any of my writing did you?" He was all like "Oh, no! I wouldn't do that!"

I heard later that he actually DID, and even though the teacher had nothing bad to say about my writing I dumped his ass fast. I felt totally violated having some weird-ass teacher looking over something I wrote and making stuff up about it for his quack-a-doodle pseudo-science sucky class.