Yesterday the London Daily Mail published a story about a Facebook group called 30 "Reasons Girls Should Call It A Night" in which ladettes "glorify their shameful drunken antics" by posting pictures of themselves in various states of inebriation and undress. Of course, these antics weren't shameful enough for the Daily Mail to refrain from reproducing the Facebook group's photos on their website. Since the article came out, there has been a lot of public hand wringing about these lusty shitfaced ladies (including a segment on this morning's Mike & Juliet Show) — though the common Jezebel response to the photos was, "they look like fun." Just so the inebriated ladies aren't the only ones getting publicly shamed, we invite you to send us pictures of the drunkest dudes you know. Thanks to interns Cheryl and Maria for helping us find our first two submissions (pictured here and after the jump).


We promise to collect the best of the photos and put them into a gallery for your perusal/enjoyment. Send those submisshes along to

The Ladettes Who Glorify Their Shameful Drunken Antics on Facebook [Daily Mail]