30 Days: Gay Adoption Doesn't Go Over Well With Mormon Mom

Morgan Spurlock is the Super-Size Me dude, you know, the one who lived solely on McDonalds until he fucked up his body. Anyway, his show 30 Days, which airs on F/X, is similar to this idea in that he has people live for 30 days in an environment alien to their own. On last night's episode, he had a Mormon woman, who is opposed to homosexuality — and gay adoptions in particular — live with a gay couple who have adopted children. They are a stable, loving family, who go to a church that is accepting of their lifestyle. The idea was to get this woman see that a family is a family is a family, but she just would not budge on her "beliefs," even by the time the 30 days were up. Clip above.

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@NatTheFatRat: No, what this guy is doing is trying to get people to see the other side of things.

You can believe that homosexuality is a sin, and that gay people are sinners, without actively working to impinge on their freedoms. I think the point of this show is to have someone walk a mile in someone else's shoes in order to gain understanding, not to become a convert. You can empathize with someone without agreeing with them.

For her to be so stubborn, to refuse to acknowledge the goodness in their family simply because she doesn't agree with their sexual orientation (something they can't help), is not just spiteful, but wrong.

Or, put it this way: I see how evangelical christianity (or Mormonism, or the Amish faith, or Orthodox Judaism, or strict Islam) can be a comforting and organizing factor in one's life which they would want to keep at the center of their world. I do not actively crusade against evangelical christians, and try to limit their ability to live their lives freely and as they please.