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This ought to set your heart into overdrive: Hope Trott, a 3-year-old from Maine, woke up in the middle of the night on Wednesday and left her house all by herself. She then proceeded to walk a mile in fresh snow to a grocery store, because apparently she thought her mother was inside buying a pizza. It's not clear whether she was having a dream or sleepwalking or what—but before leaving the house she went to the trouble of putting on her little ruby red shoes and a jacket over her nightgown. Ahhh, how can something be so cute and yet so terrifying all at the same time?


Luckily, when she arrived at the store at 4 a.m., in the 29 degree weather, an employee found her crying outside, saying, "My mommy is in there." Since he'd seen no sign of her mother, he called the police. Then, get this, the police followed Hope's footprints in the snow all the way back to her house! When they found the door open, they suspected a robbery was in progress, so they went in with their guns drawn. But instead of criminals, they found Hope's parents and siblings all asleep and unaware that Hope had liberated herself.

Her mother, Laura, said she had no idea what caused her daughter to set out alone: "I don't know if she woke up in a dream and thought I went to the store to get a pizza, but she went to look for me." Again, sweet and yet so scary. The Trotts have now installed a deadbolt and chain on the door, which hopefully will keep Hope from going on any more pre-dawn adventures.


Maine 3-year-old walks mile in middle of night [AP

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