3 Ways to Get Your Closet Up To Springtime Snuff

Do you ever rummage through your closet and go, "What was I thinking?" Well, your email inbox is kind of like that too. Sometimes, you take a peek through all those daily updates and deals and just try to remember why you registered for a newsletter from OMGAwesomeDogClothes' online-store. Yes, you signed up for them, and yes, sometimes get you a really great tip—but like that pair of pleather jeggings—they shouldn't taking up all your space.


That's why Jezebel has teamed up with Hotmail, because like a good spam filter, fashion is about making smart, curated decisions. Below you'll find examples of this spring's wild runway extremes, and how you can replicate those looks in a wearable (and affordable) way.


Who'd ever have guessed that copious amounts of fabric gathered around one's midsection could be so flattering? Those who pay attention to the catwalks know that peplums are currently very in—with Jason Wu's cotton candy creation serving as the season's showpiece. But those of you who aren't in the market for a $3,165 dress, will be happy to know they can get a similar effect with Jason Wu for Target's gold peplum top.

Crop Tops

The last time your bellybutton saw sunlight was at Lollapalooza—the original one—and yet tummy-bearing 90's style is back in a big way. If this Charlotte Ronson crop top is two times more than you want to pay for half a shirt, consider this more modest knit version. It might be time to bring back your navel piercing.


Not just for construction workers and ravers anymore—neon hues are popping up everywhere this spring. Nannette Lepore's newest collection couples Day-Glo shades with ultra-femme silhouettes, for a sexy librarian meets Kandy Kid sort of vibe. Channel the look with this slightly more subdued Slimer-green version from H&M.


See? It's really just about sifting through all the fashion industry nonsense, and finding a few pieces you really want. And that's exactly what Hotmail does to manage Graymail. Graymail is the term for your newsletters, social updates, and shopping offers that flood your inbox. With features like "Sweep," which allows you to select an email and have all of the correspondence from that sender sent to a folder of your choosing (or straight to the trash), or "Schedule Cleanup," which you can use to automatically clean out certain newsletters or deals every few days, every month, or even to keep only the latest one, Hotmail takes all the drama out of managing your inbox.


Watch the video above to see everything that Hotmail can handle. Then head here to start cleaning out your inbox.