Some of you are wondering about the reaction to our distribution of vomit bags in front of the fashion shows. Here's the report: People — like the ladies seen above — seemed to love them. Earlier this afternoon, we spoke to our two "stewardesses", model Dina Davis, and stylist/model Levon Saunders, both of whom handed out bags with accompanying lines like "Enjoy this after lunch!" and "Psst, take one, it's what all the models are doing!". Below, check out a gallery from today's stunt (click on any picture to see entire gallery). After the jump, hear what Dina and Levon had to say about the experience of encouraging eating disorders among the fashion flock.


We felt famous, the paparazzi were all over us. We were getting so much attention, maybe more than the people coming out of the tents. For the most part, people loved the barf bags, except for a few idiots with no sense of humor. Mostly those people were the models themselves. This one girl today, she took a bag and when she realized what it was she tossed it in the garbage with an angry face. I know that the fashion industry is high-pressure but we were not out to offend them in particular. I mean, since everyone has stick up their asses during Fashion Week, it was just a good time to poke fun. Oh, there was this other woman, who wasn't a model. We were in the tent and everyone was laughing and this one woman walking in, looked at the barf bag I offered her, smiled very fakely and tossed it back on my tray.


It was one of the first times I've done anything like that. It was really fun. The actual experience itself, being dressed up, was also a lot of fun. Some people were extremely receptive, they thought it was hilarious; others thought it was weird and some thought it was offensive. The models didn't so much love them, and neither did people who were outside of the fashion world. Pedestrians walking on the street didn't really get it, or they did get it and thought it was stupid.