Erin Fetherston made her name on dressing women like little girls, and, true to form, she did the same in her Spring/Summer 2008 ready-to-wear show yesterday, which was attended by a smiling Anna Wintour. Light (and mainly white) dresses dominated the first half of the show: things that you might have worn as your "fancy clothes" if you were born anywhere between 1978 - 1984 and were under the age of uh, eleven. There was also, weirdly, (conversely?) a little-girl-playing-dress-up aesthetic going on as well. (Perhaps this is because the models were so damn young-looking.) As the show progressed, things did get distinctly more adolescent — but never did the age of the garment's would-be owner look more than 15. Maybe Anna Wintour was scouting stuff for Teen Vogue, not Vogue?