Everything was in reruns this week. Again. Thankfully, The View comes back (with Whoopi!) on Tuesday, and then Oprah and Tyra return with all new episodes the following week. Most of the episodes that repeated this past week were ones we've already covered here, so we're just gonna do a gay highlights reel. (Surprising to no one, many of these involve Tyra.) And after the jump, inventive man-on-man sexual positions, as seen on Oprah.

So these dudes from Cirque du Soleil were on Oprah. They claimed to be brothers. And by brothers we naturally assume they mean gay lovers. Brothers aren't that "familiar" with each other to stand so close face-to-back, or more accurately, penis-to-ass.

Never before have I seen nipples look more like peanut M&Ms in my life. Neither has Oprah.

The Spanx lady next to her list totally licking her lips because she's hungry for 'em. Now, before I really get into it, I just want to ask one question, and that question is: Why?

OK, we'll probably never know the answer to that one, so let's begin with our first homosexual male sex position. Ladies, I give you The Gaytrix.

The Invisible Reach Around

This is a series of dramatic motions that lead to : The Aerial Spread

This one is known as Cheeks-to-Cheeks

And last but certainly not least, we have To Wong Fu: I Don't Need Your Help, I Got This One On My Own, Thanks Anyway

Oprah couldn't help but mimic what she saw.