Yesterday, we told you about one mom's struggle with finding appropriate clothing for her 11-year-old daughter, since so much of the fashion in stores seems to be aimed at "tramps-in-training." The Slate piece started a huge discussion on their message boards (and with our own Jezebel commenters!) Later, the writer, Emily Yoffe, went online to take readers' questions. Some highlights, from the transcript: One mother writes:

I have an almost 10 year old who has been eyeing those push-up bras. Somehow the matching bra/undie and panties set will no longer do in her mind. I have caught her in the mirror squeezing her "buds" together commenting that they are growing. We are definitely in scary territory.

Yoffe responds:

Every little girl who is developing is going to have excited/scared/thrilled reactions to what's happening. My objection is when the stores say, "Here's a push-up wonderbra for those breast buds of yours!

A mom in Wisconsin:

What is the right age to let my daughter start wearing thongs? She wants them now and she's 13. Does anyone else have this problem?


Why would a 13 year old want a thong? Does she want it to be seen in her low-rise jeans? I don't know what the right age for thongs is, but I'd say 13 isn't it.

I wonder what the right age is, too. 15? 16? 18? 21? Should you be able to wear a thong before you can vote or drink legally?

Lastly, there was this:

u r such a deiscarise [ed: disgrace?] to girls maybe some girls like push up bras and want to grow up faster so y dont u get a life


Another mother who buys this stuff for her daughter.

Uh, actually, we have a feeling that was the daughter.

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