Over on Babble's Strollerderby blog, there's a post (based on a report yesterday ) about the claim that the way a woman holds her baby can indicate whether or not she is depressed.

Most moms hold their babies toward the left regardless of their dominant hand, and the overwhelming majority of moms who had no signs of stress or depression all held toward the left. So, to recap: left = not depressed; right = please pass the Prozac.

We decided to do our own completely non-scientific diagnoses on some Hollywood moms. And we totally cheated, because the study is about babies an average of 7 months old — some of our pictures are of toddlers. Also, one lady after the jump is not even a mom. But it's all in fun! Find out who needs Celexa, after the jump.

Naomi Watts: Depressed. And frazzled.


Britney Spears: Not depressed. (But when we think of her, we are.)

Paris Hilton: Not depressed. (No, we don't know who the hell this kid actually belongs to. But it's obviously someone who would let Paris Hilton hold her child.)


Nicole Kidman: Depressed. And perfecter of bitch-face. (That's her niece, by the by.)


Katie Holmes: Not depressed. (Xenu mind-meld, maybe?)

Brooke Shields: Depressed. But you knew that.

By the way, we don't have kids, but we do have dogs in the family, and guess what? This whole right/left thing is reversed when it comes to canines. Researchers have discovered that when a dog is experiencing positive emotions, its tail wags more to the right; negative stimuli produced left-biased tail wagging.


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