We were left with a big cliffhanger on last night's Fashionista Diaries when Andrew and Rachel received text messages from Bridget (who heard from Cunt Face, who read it on the internet) that Jane magazine was folding. The poor kids were sitting in a conference room eating lunch, blissfully unaware of all the blurry-faced Jane employees (who obvs didn't sign release forms) frantically running around, filling up boxes with their personal effects. We're not completely sure if keeping Andrew and Rachel in the dark was a machination on part of the show's producers, or if it really went down that way. We consulted a former Jane staffer, who said, "That's a tough question because I think it took a lot of people by surprise, genuinely. They could have been off doing some task anyway and not known, but the powers of SoapNet thus far have never ceased to amaze me." BTW, how excited do you think CF was when she found out that she's the one who broke the news of poor Rachel's dashed dreams?