A few hours ago we got an email from a friend who attested to be the only person under the age of 63 who did not love Superbad. "Did you not find the period blood stuff offensive?" she wanted to know, referring to the scene in the movie at which a drunk girl exacts revenge against her boyfriend by humping Jonah Hill on the dancefloor, only to smear his thigh with thick, crimson period blood. Hmmmmm. We thought about it for a few seconds. Well, it was sure ... gross... but upon reflection, well, we'd never seen period blood employed in a gross-out comedy before, and actually maybe it was a small victory for feminism! Or as Defamer Seth put it: THE ANTI MENSTRUAL BLOOD SLAPSTICK PATRIARCHY HAS BEEN OVERTHROWN!' 'MAY IT RAIN MENSTRUAL BLOOD UPON US!'

After all, menstrual blood is gooey, photogenic, and just the right place on the fetidness spectrum between "semen" and "barf" to make for hilarious — but not absolutely stomach-churningly putrid — physical humor. And you thought the point of the movie was the poignancy of the adolescent male bond! Go Seth Rogen! We think we can think of a certain comedic pregnancy sequel that could maybe give America its seminal (heh) comedic "period sex" scene!