Elizabeth Goldhirsh, winner of yesterday's "Altarcations" competition column on our brother site Gawker and my old college roommate-BFF, is donating her Vera Wang couture wedding dress to victims of terrorist attacks. It's just one of heiress Liz's countless admirable philanthropic gestures, not least of which involved flying about two hundred of her closest (and least solvent) friends to Jerusalem to attend her wedding, although I was a little confused as to how all those terror attack victims were going to fit in one size-zero rhinestone studded gown. (Answer, provided by my mom: "They'll auction it off, honey.") BUT, would it be wrong to say that attending the Goldhirsh-Yellin nuptials softened me somewhat on the whole Wedding Industrial complex on which we so love to hate here at Jezebel? After all, it's not like INVESTING would have yielded better returns!

Furthermore, the wedding was an enormously affecting experience for everyone involved, and like, I got a lot of great T-shirts there, not including the one my roommate found herself without enough shekels to buy:


Anyway, shalom as they say!