First, the good news: Glamour editor and leukemia survivor Erin Zammett Ruddy, who pens the magazine's "Life With Cancer" blog, just got her latest tests back and is reporting she has made it through her nine months of pregnancy cancer-free, sans drugs. Mazel tov! We are all very, very happy for her. But we're worried too. Because not only is Erin due any day now, the magazine's other knocked-up vagina monoblogger, Storked!'s Christine Coppa, is about to pop out a wee one as well. And if 2 out of 2 the magazine's pregnancy bloggers are no longer pregnant, what will all the Glamour-reading bump-fetishists do with their energies now? Read Suze On Style? Maybe Glamour will just hire new bloggers who are in the family way. (Perhaps they can outsource the job to poor Indian women!) Or maybe editorial assistants will clamor to see who can get knocked up "by accident" first, since, clearly, it seems like the fastest way to a promotion around there!

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