The new Neiman Marcus catalog, called "The Book," has just arrived and, not surprisingly, it is an oversized, hefty, 370-page volume of mind-blowingly expensive crap. In the center of the shitstorm is a "story" featuring designer Giorgio Armani and British it-mannequin Agyness Deyn (born: Laura Hollins), who models pieces from Armani's fall collection. After the jump, we bring you the high lowlights.

They're bonding over their hair.

If she's such an amazing model, why is she hiding her face?

(Giorgio Armani black dyed rabbit coat with lacquered mosaic hide, $10,500; shoes, $425)

This is why Agyness makes so much money: she is part robot! No other model can make that claim.

(Giorgio Armani jacket, $2,725; skirt, $1,825; shoes $655)

Seriously, it's a good thing you guys paid for a famous "face" to do this shoot.

(Giorgio Armani "Orleans" handbag, $1675)

Agyness is so versatile! Here she channels Martin Short's seminal character, Ed Grimley.

(Giorgio Armani black resin sunglasses with gray lenses and obsidian detail, $695)

Do not be fooled: Agyness is not on an intergalactic landscape, dying of malnutrition, this is called a "fashion pose."


(Giorgio Armani black/lavender ottoman jacket of viscose, nylon and elastic, $3,295; silk gray skirt, $1,295; glass and brass brooches, $850 each)