Alberto Gonzales "resigned" after forcing "resignations" out of a bunch of US attorneys who weren't as pathologically loyal to Bush as he was and then suffering a lot of amnesia about how that all came about. What's most remarkable about this is that without being a spooky hatemongering Bible-thumping ideologue, this guy seemed to have surpassed Ashcroftian levels of antipathy. Rovian levels, even! He sort of seems to be the latest in a string of fallen Bushstars reviled far more for the crime of "loyalty" than for innate batshit conservatism. Which is actually, come to think of it, a pretty gratifying trend. Blind, unarticulated loyalty is probably far more pernicious than the act of going around wearing a crucifix on one's neck and deep-seated distrust of minorities on one's sleeve, right?

Anyway supremely weird-looking Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff (seriously, what sort of rodent does he look like? Or is it a skeleton? Anna is going with "eagle muppet," which I can sort of see) is said to be the leading contender to replace.


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