Macy's is spending $100 million on what sounds like an ingenious advertising campaign featuring Jessica Simpson, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, Russell Simmons, Tommy Hilfiger and assorted other cult-y under-the-radar type celebrities. What the fuck is it with celebrity endorsements anyway? Seriously, why hasn't anyone had the brilliant thought, "Hey! Maybe enough is enough already? In fact, maybe enough was enough sometime around the fourth iteration of the J.Lo clothing line! Maybe we should try to create demand for our products by, like, making them better?" We have never bought something because a celebrity was endorsing it. In fact, we don't think we've had a remotely covetous nonspecific thought about a brand based upon its association with a celebrity since the days of Kurt Cobain's Converse one-stars, with the possible exception of Sofia Coppola and those Marc Jacobs ads but it's not like we followed through on that. Are we alone here? [WSJ]