We were thumbing from the somewhat mind-numbing September issue of Harper's Bazaar when we came across something a little strange: a black-eye on a model! (As opposed to a black model, which actually, might be even stranger). Anyway, although probably unintended, the magazine's "What's Modern Now" fashion editorial spread features a sad-looking Coco Rocha accessorizing her $1,165 Calvin Klein knit dress and camel-colored cloche (no price given) with what seems to be an artfully-applied eye bruise. Take a look and tell us there isn't something weird going on here.

Okay, maybe our scanner didn't do the best job of capturing the minutiae, but looking at the magazine in person, it's clear that makeup artist Lisa Butler and/or photographer Peter Lindbergh made Rocha's left eye and cheek appear significantly darker in color than her right. We'd say go buy the magazine for yourselves, but that would involve, you know, buying Harper's Bazaar.