Hey folks. I'm finally back from the Holy Land. I would have told you all about today, but it's still a little too raw and intense and also obscured by open bar-cum-hash-cum-Ambien-cum-Adderall to properly distill to bloglib. The flowers alone could have financed my own wedding, while the Mossad-trained security team could finance some classier person's, so merely from an economic perspective it deserves a less jet-lagged, more thorough treatment, but it was also, you know, deeply moving to the point of maybe being life-altering, if as I mentioned earlier there hadn't been an open bar every single night for a week, which rendered it also incredibly juvenile. And? Well, I got to read newspaper stories for educational purposes, as opposed to cheap-joke purposes, and learned I was actually pretty fascinated by the whole "religion, negative correlation between deleterious effects on humanity and aesthetic pleasingness of ruins" thing...

  • And so, if Christiane Amanpour's ratings are to be believed, are you!
  • Also, Madonna, who's visiting Jerusalem — along with Demi and Ashton and maybe her sick little mercenary blended family — for the High Holidays.
  • Speaking of high, Mitt Romney...
  • No, wait, the Russian woman who set fire to her ex-husband's penis
  • Speaking of Russia, 34% of people who should really know this stuff agree that it's the worst US ally at serving US interests, probably because it's distracted serving those of the KGB KGB.
  • Pakistan let its sacked prime minister back in the country because, you know, unlike Russia it's a democracy with separate branches of government and all, which is why it only got 2nd place on the aforementioned survey.
  • Another glowing intelligence report on prospects for such a democracy in Iraq.
  • Oh yeah and the market hasn't really done much since I've been away; also, I'm going to sleep now.