We've heard all about Christian punk rock and Christian diet gurus, Christian theme parks and Christian joke rap, but we are eternally indebted to Salon for introducing us to the nascent (and quite possibly not really real) movement that is Christian sadomasochism, also known as "Christian Domestic Discipline." Salon, unfortch, gets all, "stop fucking with us, Christians, we know you can't really be sex-positive, although, OMG, not that we would ever be biased against Christians solely for being Christian, but seriously on the other hand what if we've just stumbled upon the next NAMBLA and we're treating it as a legitimate subculture because it's Christian??" about it. Yeah, we're not going to wrestle with any of that, because, well, as Christian discipline-recipient Debbie Lee put it in her blog, this is exactly the kind of thing the comments section was designed to "discipline":

The only excuse I can muster is that I was hurrying to make the library before it closed. I couldn't argue that this was exactly the kind of thing a discipline was designed to manage. I was taken into the bedroom and told to lean over the foot of the bed with my knees on the bed."

By the way, she writes a lot about her struggle to lose weight (she's 187 pounds) which could be part of the whole "discipline" fetish, though it also puts off the idea that her blog is run by some professional niche pervert, unless it's just the "big beautiful" subniche of the Christian sadomasochism niche, though after reading a few posts we were reminded of how Christian diet guru Gwen Shamblin would always talk in interviews about how she had a "crush" on the stern, manly God the Father — not so much into his son, who after all was kind of a submissive if you think about it — and Holy Shit we have gotten wayyyyyyy too far into the minds of crazy people here and we're about ready to let you take the lead.

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Wife [Salon]