Fox's new reality series, Anchorwoman debuted last night. It follows Lauren Jones, a former Miss New York who has given up her life in L.A. as a bikini model and WWE Diva for a career in broadcast journalism at a Fox news station in a small town in Texas. We thought the whole thing would be lame, like, "Oh, let's put the bimbo on the spot and laugh as she proves her stupidity." But we actually ended up laughing at her co-anchor and producer Annalisa Petralia, the "serious" journalist. Petralia thinks that her job is too important to be jeopardized by the employment of Jones, who has no experience in the field. The best is that Petralia goes on and on about how the integrity of the station needs to be maintained; meanwhile, in the three years that the station has been on the air, they've had a dog doing the weather. Yes, a dog. (His name is Stormy and he's really cute.)