Hey, did you know that women use this new-fangled contraption called the internet? Yeah, apparently they love it. Women aged between 25 and 49 are now spending more time on the internet than men, reports The Times of London. Women currently account for 55% of time spent online - "demonstrating that the medium once thought of as dominated by solitary, glass-wearing male nerds is rapidly being feminised." But women who "surf the net" aren't geeks. They're still chicks, so they do chick stuff, like talk to one another.

Adam Baum, media analyst with Gartner Group said: "I have no doubt that the reason behind the swing [towards women] is the rise of social networking sites. The time people spend on sites such as MySpace, Bebo and Facebook is by some magnitude higher than on 'traditional' websites and these new sites, which allow people to talk to each other, engage in friendships and share tastes, appeal to women."

A technology specialist describes the internet as "just another channel for women to do what they enjoy: shopping, talking, and caring". [Ugh. -Ed.] A researcher interviewed by The Guardian notes that "Women in that age group are also more likely to be at home and have more time to spend online." What? You didn't know that women stay home and gossip all day? Come on! Some other fast facts about how society's relationship with technology has changed: In the UK, three-quarters of 11 year-olds have their own TV, video game console and mobile phone. Two-thirds of children do not believe they could easily live without a cell phone and the internet. And two-thirds of phone owners use its alarm function instead of a clock.

So, about this internet thingy. How does it, like, work? Because we want to gossip. And shop!

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