Are you young, energetic and eager to fufill a lifelong fantasy of rushing from party to tent to hotel during New York's frenetic September Fashion Week as part of a prestigious internship for a female-centric media outlet? Yeah, we're actually looking for someone with a little less passion than that. This is shit work for which you will be remunerated in booze and anecdotes and we need you from September 1 or so through the 13th. Like Intern Maria, Intern Cheryl and Intern Emeritus D-Splooge you will also no doubt be compensated with some measure of cult internet fame, which is to say my sister will call me up and mention "Intern So-and-so is funny maybe she should write all your posts..." Email us your head shots, measurements and a list of your five favorite up-and-coming designers for consideration.

Oh, for Chrissakes.