We were psyched for Cunt Face to interview girls to replace Nicole on last night's Fashionista Diaries. Fresh blood! As ever, CF really went above and beyond her cunt duties by rolling her eyes for seemingly no reason immediately after meeting her first victim interviewee. But the biggest bitch of all last night was Bridget's gay BF Kristian Laliberte. We were so proud of Andrew for recognizing what a turd this guy is. (BTW, how ridiculously Bret Easton Ellis-y are Andrew, Bridget, and Kristian? Label-conscious, privileged white kids) Bridget seems to be drawn to bitches and turds, right? Birds of a feather, we suppose. Anyway, after the jump, The Gays of our Lives: Bridget Helene Edition.

So one of Bridget's bosses is Matt Kays. We were pleased that his neon and rhinestone bolo tie made it into this episode.

But elaborate necklaces are his thing, we were to learn.

For real, like, come out of the accessories closet, and stay out. We're all about equality for men and women around here, but we also sort of want to retain ownership of the right to wear cocktail rings.

And then there's Kristian the turd. We it was fitting that he was introduced ass-first.

It's also fitting that a turd would wear so much bronzer he's brown.

We're left wondering if he left skid marks on that white couch—from the bronzer, we mean.