JustinBobby—Audrina's on-again-off-again BF—is straight out of Central Casting's "Bad Boy" division: He rides a motorcycle, doesn't care what people think about him, has wild, long hair, a beautiful face and is Lauren Conrad's new enemy. We can't tell yet if Lauren is just one of those girls who hates when her friends have boyfriends or if every guy in LA is just a giant butt bag. And even though JustinBobby seemed loathsome on last night's episode, we'd still wrap our legs 'round those velvet rims, and strap our hands across his engines—at least just once as a test drive. We know how cliché it is to like assholes, but seriously, didn't you think his sexy quotient rose with each rude eyebrow arch and dismissive response to Lauren's boring quips? He's sort of awesome for his balls-out irritability.