Foxy Brown is in trouble with the law again. It just never ends with her. This time she was pulled over in New Jersey for talking on a hand-held cellphone while driving and failing to observe a stop sign. (Seriously, this girl just doesn't give a shit, and not in an admirable way.) Foxy also lied to the cops, giving them a fake name and date of birth, which, duh, didn't check out. They finally got her real name and age out of her and learned that her car's registration was suspended, as was her license. She was taken into custody, issued seven tickets, and released on her own recognizance. Actually, we're wondering if she's even allowed to leave New York. She just got in trouble in February 2007 for leaving the state without permission, which violated the terms of her probation stemming from that incident when she violently attacked two manicurists over a bill dispute.

Foxy Brown Accused Of Lying To NJ Police [USA Today]
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