Remember Allison Glock? She's the writer who penned the sorta self-righteous piece in the May issue of Marie Claire on why her marriage fell apart? No? Let us refresh your memory:

My marriage wasn't bad, I just didn't belong there. I know this now. I am not wife material. I like being alone. I believe the pay-offs of tending to a man pale greatly when compared to the benefits of tending to myself. I believe I am a better mother without a husband, because I am happy and strong and not sleepwalking in a bath of resentment about who is or isn't taking out the garbage.

Yeah, that was kind of badass and kind of selfish of her, right? Well, what a difference a few months make!


We hear that wild bird Gluck is singing the tune of the pretty caged canary with one Michael Solomon, former editor-in-chief of Premiere, now of ESPN Books. Yes, seems these two little publishing world lovebirds are now not just playing Ozzie & Harriet, but living in suburban Florida. And we get it: Changes of heart happen. And we respect everyone's right to them. (Especially because, well, if not than we would just be George W. Bush.) But seriously? You don't write things like "I did all the wifely things you should, the old-fashioned duties, like keeping up with the lost socks and doctors' appointments and the amount of window cleaner in the house" and then turn around and shack up in the suburbs, do you? Or do you? No matter: At the very least, Michael Solomon should prepare himself for membership in the Broken Hearts Club. This one may not last.

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