We really wanted to like Karrine Steffans back when her first book Confessions of a Video Vixen first came out. We're keen on the idea of women who love 'em and leave 'em with impunity and then tell us all about it. We didn't care that the book was poorly written (even with the help of ghost writer to the B-list stars, Karen Hunter). But we did mind that we were forced to believe that Karrine's was a cautionary tale from which other girls could learn a valuable lesson. Reading about how she was "reformed" now, despite the fact that she made a buck selling her stories about all those famous blow-jobs, left us with a bad taste in our mouths. Don't get us wrong: We don't hate Karrine for sucking all that dick; we just resent her for pretending to feel bad about it in the name of empowering women.

With the release of her new book The Vixen Diaries, she proves her own hypocrisy by writing about doing all the shit she said she'd evolved from. And in the interview she gives in September's Essence, she proves that she's a bigger asshole than ever, referring to herself as an "artist" (we assume the medium she works in is bullshit):

You never want to be a one-time Oprah guest or a one-time best seller. Every artist has that fear of the sophomore jinx and thinks, Can I do it again? Because Confessions did so well, my concern is simply whether or not I can outdo myself.

She also ran her mouth off about her relationship with Lil' Wayne:

He's not my boyfriend, but I'm closer to Wayne and we've spoken every day for the last six months. I can't start or end my day without talking to him. And we don't necessarily talk on the phone, but we text each other all the time. It's a perfect relationship. He knows that no matter who he's with and vice versa, we love each other. We don't have any surprises. If I were to see him kissing a girl tomorrow, it would be okay because I already know about it.

We wonder how her views on polyamory go over with the young women she is a supposed role model for. From her own site:

She encourages young women to speak out against abuse, to halt the cycle of it and no longer abuse themselves. Karrine uses her past as an example of what not to do and instated The Karrine Steffans Girls Club to give women of all ages a safe place to go in order to express their anxieties and support each other.

Okay, but then when Essence asked her how she could possibly love Irv Gotti after he mistreated her and was essentially her pimp she said:

The thing is, I love everyone and I don't mean in a romantic emotion, but just generally. Honestly, I've never been with a man I didn't love, and I'm the kind of person that no matter what you do to me, I'm going to always love you. I'd rather you sh— on me than me on you because that's where my blessings come from.

By "blessings" we think she means "juicy anecdotes I can sell to a publisher." And of selling out the people she "loves" Karrine says:

At the end of the day, it's business not personal. I can't afford to ruin my professional life simply to save face with my friends.

However, we are a little grateful for this nugget she dropped about her once romantic relationship with Bobby Brown:

Bob is one of those friends you want to love but you can't because he's toxic. We all have friends like that where you have to make that decision like, I can't be your friend anymore because you're killing me. And that's how it goes with Bob.

At least Karrine was about 14 years swifter on the uptake with that one than Whitney was. But for real, we find it incredibly patronizing that Karrine acts as though she's some pillar of modern feminism. The thing is, she sort of would be one if she would just unabashedly embrace being whore-y as a way to turn the innate sexism of hip hop on it's head. But she pretends to be a repentant woman who has learned from he poor choices in her life. Frankly, we think the only thing that she's learned is that she can continue to milk those choices for fame and fortune. But honestly, Karrine, we just find the talking out of both sides of your mouth thing to be nauseating. Especially since someone's dick is invariably in there.


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