In a really charming story in the Daily Mail, Helena Frith Powell writes that women in the UK hide a total of £1.4 billion worth of new clothes from their spouses or boyfriends. Ms. Powell admits that she sneaks new clothes into her house by carrying them in a shopping bag from a mass retailer (hiding the more expensive store's shopping bag inside). She then canvasses a few of her friends, who also admit to shopping subterfuge: Some sneak purchases in at night, one says she does "commando-style rolls across the lawn" but all confess to lying about the prices of purchases, always claiming to have gotten something "cheap" or a "bargain" that was "on sale." Which begs the question: when speaking to men, do women lie "down" but, when speaking with other women do they lie "up"? For example, we used to have some really sweet black kitten heels with cream-colored stitching details that we got for $16.99 at a Rainbow store, but whenever we wore them out, girls would ask if they were Marc Jacobs, and we would just smile. Do we all lie this way? Tell the truth for once, after the jump.

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Confessions Of A Secret Shopper [DailyMail]