A branch of the Iranian military was just added to our official "Terrorism Watch list." What's become of all the allies of our youths?? We were just musing over how a country that in our childhood was mainly known as the chief exporter of Miss Universes could be so rapidly transforming into Maoist China when we came across an issue of Cosmopolitan from April 1977 with a spread on "The World's Sexiest Men" (Clint Eastwood! Al Pacino! John Kenneth Galbraith!) (Yeah, the Affluent Society one! Hottt!) that took us back to those grand old days when the "lovemaking techniques" were hot but the wars were mostly Cold. Ladies, the Axis of Evil just doesn't turn our dashing diplomatic "opulence" like they used to, do they?

Oh yeah, he's a dreamboat. No wonder they decided it was time for revolution. We'd rather fuck Cheney.