Every August, the September issues of the major women's magazines hit newsstands, and every August, media watchers ooh and aah over these magazines' total page counts, cover girls, weights, thicknesses, and yes, number of cosmetic samples. And we shake our heads. But don't people buy magazines for the editorial content? Hahahahaha, seriously though: There is enough grossly overpriced crap covered in the "journalism" part of these pages to outfit the Chinese military. Which brings us to our inaugural Expensive Shit: September Issues Edition. In "honor" of this annual tradition of examining the major women's magazines we decided to put Interns Maria and Cheryl to work adding up all of the priced merchandise in each magazine in order to determine which of the titles is full of the most shit. In this installment, Intern Cheryl compares the apparel, accessories, beauty products and other assorted tchochkes in Lucky & Glamour magazines. After the jump, a breakdown of the two magazines' net 'worth'.

Apparel: $134,648
Accessories: $1,109,270
Beauty: $1,796
Other: $265,864
Total Shit: $1,511,568

Apparel: $134,355
Accessories: $133,372
Beauty: $5,949
Other: $826
Total Shit: $274,502

Check back later for specifics on just what some of the expensive shit totaled above actually is.

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