This we'll say for wedding dresses: they're predictable, monochromatic garments you buy more on the basis of quality and craftsmanship than fads and brand names — all traits we look for on the rare occasion we buy clothes. Maybe that's why we keep marveling every time we catch a glimpse of one of the hundreds of September magazine pages devoted to Vera Wang's cheapo collection for Kohl's. Or maybe it's because her philosophy, as she told O Magazine, can be summed up thusly: "Let's not kid around —dark colors always take off ten pounds." Or maybe it's because we have never seen, like, texture in one of these big-designer-for-crap-discount-chain lines. Anyway, we have never been to Kohl's, but we totally checked out its store locator today — and that's a step for us! After the jump, some pretty pictures from the O spread.