Remember Prussian Blue, the White Nationalist 'folk-pop' band fronted by twin girls Lynx and Lamb Gaede? Well, an eye-opening documentary, Nazi Pop Twins, which aired last month in the UK caught up with the girls, now 15 years old, to see how the media attention has changed their lives. The biggest shock is that we learn that the girls are really normal. They just want to play guitar and write love songs—a far cry from the hate pop they recorded when the were 11. It turns out that the girls aren't into the whole racism thing after all; like other child stars before them, their mother, April Gaede, was just living vicariously through them. [We'll see! -Ed.] April is sort of like Dina Lohan, except instead of being the White Oprah, she's White Power. In the clip above, see how the girls are learning to become critical thinkers and make their own decisions about their beliefs, much to their mother's chagrin.

Nazi Pop Twins Prussian Blue [YouTube]