Those pesky women's magazines: exhorting us to love our bodies one minute, then instructing us on how to lose 10 pounds another. (Then there's the hypocrisy of women's magazine editors urging readers not to smoke while at the same time accepting advertisements from R.J. Reynolds & Philip Morris). Anyway, today in ladymag mixed messages, from the September issue of Cosmopolitan, how to simultaneously craft a man-eating persona while staying true to yourself!

Man Manual: What Will Really Impress Him, page 80

Sure you're sexy, smart, and fun..but so are a lot of other chicks. To really stand out from the pack, it helps to have that something extra — qualities that make a guy go 'This girl is freakin' awesome!' You'll be that much hotter to him if...

Love And Lust: When You Want To Meet A Guy, page 166.

Forget trying to become the kind of woman guys might like—really, who knows?! Become the kind of woman 'you' like and we promise, guys will take notice. 'A smart woman will work on making herself happy before concentrating on men,' says Dennison. It's more fun, and you exude an "interestingness" that's magnetic to dudes.

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