Bursting into tears isn't just for chicks anymore! According to a story in the Times of London, one in three men have cried at the office. The story comes in response to a Wall Street Journal piece claiming that weeping in the workplace is gaining acceptance. "Admittedly, tears can be a management challenge for bosses," reads the Times piece, which was written by a man. "In the real world you can shake or hug a weeper into silence, but such responses are not suitable at work." To be honest, this issue could go either way. While it's healthy to express emotions, does crying seem professional? And does it seem unprofessional because it doesn't jibe with the image of a no-nonsense businessman? If a woman cries at the office, does she seem weak and wimpy? If a man cries in the office, does he seem in touch with himself and passionate? One thing is sure: If there was no crying at work, America's Next Top Model would cease to exist.
Does Anybody In The Office Mind If I Cry? [Times Of London]
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