As the stock market snaps back and forth over the uncertainty of all those mortgages lent during the height of the real estate boom, the New York Times reports on one of the blessed silver linings wrought by those sky-high home prices no one can actually pay: They've enabled highly sympathetic, rich, jobless women to divorce their husbands without feeling, you know, merely upper middle-class. Though there's a caveat! Says one divorcee, named Susan Katz:

"Women think when they get divorced they can have half of the house," she said. "Most women don't realize how much this house is mortgaged."

Seriously? As someone who ignores 29 creditor calls a day I am hardly the person to tell you "maybe open your bills for once," but Jesus lady: maybe open your bills for once! Trust us, the situation is a lot more dire a few rungs down the socioeconomic ladder.

Buy Low, Divorce High