Okay, so Fashionista Diaries is officially awesome. Remember Nicole, the Seventh House assistant who went AWOL last week? She's back and has revealed that working in PR is causing stress-induced vomiting. Yeah, Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson sort of makes us sick to our stomachs, too! Oh, and in last night's episode we were also treated to Emma Snowdon-Jones, the, ahem, maturing socialite who still makes the rounds on the younger girl circuit. We didn't know much about her before other than the time she asked Radar reporter Sarah Horne "whether she swallowed." (We're not sure if that's in reference to bulimia or blow jobs.) Anyway, Emma kept calling Bridget a monkey, but to be fair, the girl is Monchichi-esque. Click on the player above to watch, and after the jump, check out Kristian Laliberte and other stuff we noticed lurking in the background on last night's episode.

Here's PR socialite Kristian Lalilberte trying to gossip. Apparently he's friends with Seventh House assistant, Bridget the Monchichi. We commend him for his pinky finger control while holding the glass. We knew it must've been tough for him.

So they were at something called The White Party Benefit for Suicide Prevention, which by the looks of it, would actually make us want to kill ourselves if we'd been there. But hey, it turns out we knew an attendee! There's Neel Shah, former Gawker intern, current Assistant Editor at Radar, who was once in the running to be that boy blogger at Glamour. He was actually there for work. (On a side note, some of us are putting together a Friends With Benefits Benefit and Neel is invited.)

You would've missed it if you blinked, but here are NYC band the Virgins doing sound check at the New York Observer party that Cunt Face handled PR for. That's Donald Cumming (best name!) on the left and Wade Somethingorother on the right. They're also totally invited to the Friends With Benefits Benefit.

Okay, we know that she gets enough crap from Bridget and Cunt Face, but we can't help pointing out the glamour shot in Nicole's home in which she's wearing a white feather boa.

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