A 38-year-old UK woman named Parris Westcott lost weight thanks to Paris Hilton, reports the Mirror. The mother of 3 went into a depression after having a miscarriage and turned to food. At her heaviest, she was 215 lbs. When she would tell people her name was Parris, she knew that they were thinking she was "Fat Parris," which made her even more depressed. Then one day, after seeing Paris Hilton on the cover of a magazine, "something clicked," and Westcott went on a diet, dropped to 112 lbs., threw out all of her clothes and got a new "figure hugging" wardrobe. She also got a boob job and started taking pole-dancing lessons. No word what her 14, 11 and 7 year old boys think of that. So, uh, thanks, Paris! That career in charity is awesome!

Paris Hilton Made Me Lose 7 Stone [Mirror]