Lucky editor Kim France has always been something of an enigma to us. A Dinsosaur Jr.-worshipping Sassy editress in our youth, she later masterminded the first magazine to eliminate basically all text in favor of pictures of shit you should buy. She's spent many of the ensuing years making "No no no, no contradiction to see here!"-type excuses like "I believe women are allowed to think difficult thoughts and really superficial thoughts at the same time," and "I'm using my brain a lot more rigorously than I was when I was writing 1,000-word profiles." But does she really believe that? Our handwriting analyst Sheila Kurtz has some doubts. Likening her signature to a Chinese chop, the super-stylized stamps calligraphers use to mark their work, Sheila thinks France is hiding something behind her super-unconflicted public face... Perhaps that most of the marked-up crap in her magazine is made in China?

This signature, like the Chinese "chop," identifies and authenticates who did the work, but it is actually a calligraphic design, a tiny work of art that hides more than it reveals.

What her "chop" does show fairly clearly (the big "K" with a buckle across the middle) is a sense of defiance to those above her who may be trying to tell her what to do or how to think.

Ha! Kim France totally hates Charles Townsend and Sandy Golinkin!