D.A. Fred Thompson's easy-on-the-eyes wife gets some support countering that "trophy" reputation today from a much-beloved media personality, Robert Novak. He defends Jeri Thompson against accusations she pushed out Fred's old advisers because she's a hot version of Judi Giuliani by pointing out that she's actually a lot more politically experienced than any of the frigtards who "guided" D.A. Arthur Branch's policies before. One thing we can say for Bob Novak: He never underestimates the blondes, conservative or liberal. He exposed the hot blonde wife who masterminded the nefarious plot to undermine the American tendency to confuse "Iraq" with "a highly decentralized terrorist organization" and now he's exposing the hot blonde wife behind the conspiracy to exploit the American tendency to confuse "real life" with Law & Order.

And speaking (so to speak) as a blonde who has long been accused of being "ditzy" and... well, "ditzy," we'd like to commend him for that and maybe suggest Elisabeth Röhm consider running or something?

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