On Wednesday night, Moe convinced Slut Machine and Gawker junior videographer Alex Goldberg to leave their houses and help her collect honest, unscripted answers to that enduring mystery, "Why do we have sex?" We asked New Yorkers from all walks of life — which is to say, all walks of plastered twentysomething Lower East Side life — the rationale behind their decisions to do the wild thing, and whether any of them had ever, say, had sex for the sole purpose of enjoying air-conditioner for an evening, or completing a personal Village People cop-Indian-construction worker collection. The best part about this video is that neither Moe nor Slut Machine had any recollection of half the shit that appears on it. Which is, in itself, an answer to the question we set out to ask in the first place. Why do we have sex?

*Um, did that happen after the take-out margaritas?