The Christian Science Monitor reports that Guadalajara is the 'in' place to get cosmetic surgery. The North Carolina-based company profiled, Air Lift Inc., packages the procedures — you get a doctor, a bilingual driver and a recovery room in a private home, with meals. Apparently, the only city in Latin America that has has more plastic surgeons per capita than Guadalajara is Rio. "We say that no one is unattractive in Guadalajara," jokes Martha Venegas, a resident. "There are poor people, but no ugly ones." It's all about stretching the dollar. A tummy-tuck in the U.S. is $15,000 — the Guadalajara price is $4,000. The owner of the company swears her tours are not packaged as holidays. "You see some of the companies on the web, and photos of women with margaritas in their hands," she says. "This is serious."

In the article, while a client from Houston, Texas is recovering from her procedure, she says of her Mexican caretaker, "She's better than a mom." Question: Is this why the immigration policies are changing? So the red-staters can keep the Mexicans giving cheap nose-jobs south of the border, where they belong?
Americans Head To Mexico For Plastic Surgery [CSM]