Since we started caring about Elle we've come to recognize it's a pretty tidy microcosm of everything dysfunctional about fashion magazines that doesn't involve the word "Nast." Smart women work there! So do bitches! So do insane people! And lots of haggard assistants and associates who leave. The narcissists who were never good for anything besides promoting themselves are credited with restoring "relevance," Nina Garcia is too busy selling telecommunications devices to show up, which is just as well since the overworked EIC she hates is busy leading a "redesign," and OMG LOOK OVER THERE BLOWHAN IS ON THE COVER!

The New York Times was with EIC Roberta Myers, redesigner Joe Zee and photographer Alexi Hay the day it all went down.

"Move your arms like a sorceress," Mr. Hay commanded.
No one seemed disturbed by the news about Ms. Lohan or how the issue would be received.
"Read the story, look at the treatment, and then we can talk about it," Ms. Myers said. "I think it's a piece of journalism."

Which by the way:

conveys Ms. Lohan's rampant narcissism.

To which we say: and isn't that what keeps us reading this shit. Just when we think everything's going to hell in a handbag some magazine flails its arms and like a sorceress, a celebrity appears whose rampant narcissism tells us it's all okay, we are sooooo far from hitting bottom. Redesign all you want, it's the vicious celebrity profiles that keep us doling out the hard-earned credit card debt.

(P.S.: Jennie gets a reference in the story. Yay!)

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