Time for another incredibly revealing look at women's magazine editor signatures. Next up: Marie Claire editor Joanna Coles, who took over the helm of the Hearst magazine 15 months ago. After the jump, graphologist Sheila Kurtz weighs in on the blonde British import, suggesting that perhaps that despite her magazine's steadily-declining September ad pages, Coles' good intentions and big ideas (maybe even the plagiarized ones?) might save 'Marie Claire' after all.

The lower loop of "Joanna" is HUGE. This mirrors the size of this writer's imagination. She can come up with novel ideas and then has the initiative to go out and bring the ideas to reality. Her creativity must include other people. (Initiative is indicated by breakaway strokes at the end of Joanna and the end of Coles.) She will "break away" to get her dreams accomplished. Still, there is a most unusual sign of cautiousness in the breakaway stroke (it is far longer than most). Her caution keeps her grand imagination from getting out of hand.

There is a large upper loop that may indicate a mystical bent. She is probably open to new ideas (the reasonably open "e" in Coles).

There is a double loop in the "o" in Coles. This writer may blow certain matters out of proportion (like a big fairy tale).

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