Breaking news! Cosmopolitan — not so creative! Which is why we're not even mildly shocked by the fact that the very magazine that, to the best of our cognitive abilities, presents identical cover lines and content to us month after month should also assume the recycling method when it comes to expanding its brand. The Hearst magazine's subsidiary title, Cosmopolitan Style & Beauty is nothing more than what the watered down version of what the bastard love child of UsWeekly, Life & Style and InStyle might look like. As the folks at Media Post's Magazine Rack put it:

The thinking behind Cosmopolitan Style & Beauty seems to go something like this: Women like celebrities! Women like to look like the celebrities they like! Women like celebrities who look like celebrities and wear celebrity-like outfits!

Given how this market has been tragically underserved by the media, which has been occupying itself with in-depth coverage of sub-Saharan poverty and disease, the good people at Hearst rushed to fill an unoccupied niche.

Okay, we need to go vomit all over our shoes now. And cry ourselves to sleep. (Not before satisfying our man's 10 Secret Sex Cravings, that is!)

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